At My Constellation, we don't believe in hustle or force. We believe that coming into coherence with one's unique energy signature is the key to creating an energy-rich and successful life. Human Design and Astrology teach us that we are each born with a unique way of operating and blueprint for success that can help us embrace who we are and align with our most coherent and abundant timeline. We believe that astrology and human design are for everyone, not just the experts. You can learn and integrate these systems for yourself and your family to create greater harmony, ease and flow in your life, relationships and business.

Amy Lea - Founder of My Constellation

CREATE YOUR MOST aligned & enriching LIFE

Our personalised reports are a great place to start if you are new to learning about your human design! Designed with simplicity and longevity in mind, our human design reports have been created as a digital resource that will help you learn, understand and integrate the foundations of your human design. Each human design report covers energy type, strategy, authority, themes, definition, profile, energy centres and channels - which are considered to be the most important pieces to learn about your design first.

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